Companionship Care Services Kingston

elderly man getting helped out of his house by Comfort Care at Home nurse

Companionship can have a huge positive impact on your loved ones’ mental and physical wellbeing. They may feel lonely or live far away from family, so having a friendly face pop in for a cup of tea is always refreshing.

Loneliness affects a large number of people in the UK and is particularly prevalent among the over 65 age group. There are many misconceptions about home care, with most people thinking it’s only needed after a relative has a fall, is coming home from the hospital, or is not very well.

Some older people may simply not see many friendly faces during the week and over time, this will become a danger to their mental health as loneliness and isolation creep in.

If your loved ones have reduced mobility, they may be seeing people less often, and as such, they may be experiencing feelings of loneliness.

As a result, home care services are approached more often and at an earlier stage of life to give companionship and help with day-to-day activities.

Our Care Assistants can provide much-needed emotional support, as well as practical help with shopping, preparing meals, doing light housework, and taking your loved ones to their appointments or other arranged outings. An additional benefit to companionship care is that your loved one has someone with them who can raise an alarm if anything is wrong. We communicate any concerns we have in real-time with you via WhatsApp, which also enables you to reach us 24/7 should you have any questions.

Speak to one of our friendly Care Assistants on 020 8610 9778 or email us on and we will answer all your questions, provide you with helpful advice and signpost you to additional information. We are here to help.