Specialist Care Services Surrey

Here is our full list of specialist services that we offer:

elderly couple smiling sitting on the sofa together holding hands.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care

We understand how difficult living with dementia can be. It puts a strain both on you and your loved one. Our healthcare professionals are here to help.

All our care professionals are highly trained in caring for clients with dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, providing not just a source of support for your loved one’s personal and day-to-day domestic needs, but also as a trusted friend and companion.

Nurse in blue helping elderly gentlemen wearing sunglasses walk while outside

Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Care

We understand that MND’s symptoms require careful management in order for your loved one to have the best quality of life.

Our care professionals are fully trained to provide the extra support and assistance with day-to-day tasks required for people with motor neurone disease, such as washing and preparing food. No job is too little for our care professionals.

nurse helping lady with brown hair in the wheel chair around a park

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Care

We are well-experienced in supporting clients who are living with Multiple Sclerosis and understand its impact on their lives. The condition affects everyone in different ways and many of those diagnosed with MS experience symptoms for a period of time (relapses), followed by periods of remission, when there are no symptoms.

We understand that the unpredictable nature of the condition requires a flexible approach to care.

nurse guiding elderly lady with zimmer frame get across her room

Stroke Care

We understand the life-changing impact that a stroke has on a person and the special care they require afterwards. The amount of time it can take to recover after having a stroke varies from person to person and so does the level of support required.

In the event that your loved one has recently had a stroke, Comfort Care At Home offers specialist stroke rehabilitation care to help your loved one make as full a recovery as possible through rehabilitation exercises, walks and other complementary activities.  

lady in red fleece getting help in the kitchen making food by a professional carer.

Diabetes Care

Living with diabetes requires careful management. As a person gets older, this can become more complicated. Comfort Care At Home are on hand to provide that little bit of extra support to help your loved one manage their diabetes, whether that be monitoring their blood sugar levels, administering medication, preparing nutritionally balanced meals or helping them keep hydrated and introduce light excises into their daily routine.

carer helping elderly gentlemen with his washing

Arthritis Care

The impact of arthritis on one’s life can differ from person to person. At its worst, it can leave your loved one in constant pain and unable to undertake many of the day-to-day activities most of us take for granted. 

Our experienced care professionals can support with all their day-to-day care needs, whether that is preparing a meal, making the bed, brewing a cup of coffee, going out to do the weekly food shop, tidying the house or general personal care. 

nurses providing medication to an elderly female patient

Parkinson’s Disease Care

In our experience, when caring for a loved one with Parkinson’s disease, it is important to provide emotional support, as much as practical day-to-day support.  Our approach to care is sensitive to this and our care professionals go out of their way to encourage as much independence as possible with day-to-day activities and beneficial activities, such as exercise.

nurse helping lady in wheelchair with physical disability

Physical Disability Care

Our experienced care professionals are all fully trained to provide specialist support for people with physical disabilities of all types. Disabilities can impact your loved one physically but also emotionally. A long-term condition might mean that they can’t mobilise well or that a particular task is more difficult and challenging for them.

eldery man in comfy chair having his temperature checked by professional carer and nurse.

Palliative & End of Life Care

We believe providing palliative and end-of-life care is a great responsibility and we want to make the lives of your loved one as comfortable and dignified as possible during this stressful and sensitive time. Specialist care and trustworthy support can make a huge difference