Rehabilitation Care Kingston

Female care professional assisting male client, who is receiving rehabilitation care, while walking with food shop bags

Looking for rehabilitation support?

Our care professionals are extremely experienced in delivering rehabilitation care to our clients, arising from a wide variety of circumstances such as an injury, surgery or illness.

We can provide this support as part of a wider care plan or as a one-off, until you or your loved one’s rehabilitation is complete.

In our experience, this can be a challenging time both mentally and emotionally, as you or your loved one adjusts to certain limitations. It can be frustrating and painful.

Our care professionals will help you or loved one regain independence, confidence and a sense of normality as quickly as possible.

And every person’s needs are unique, so we tailor a rehabilitation care plan that will evolve as you or your loved one’s needs change.

Naturally, we will work alongside any health care professionals, including physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists, as well as district nurses and doctors, to support as speedy a rehabilitation as possible.

If you are looking at options for rehabilitation at home for yourself or a loved one, get in contact today. Speak to one of our friendly care professionals on 020 8610 9778 or email us on and we will answer all your questions, provide you with helpful advice and can signpost you to additional information. We are here to help.