Nutrition & Hydration Support Care

Female care professional handing a cup of tea to an elderly couple to stay hydrated

Maintaining a healthy, nutritious diet and keeping suitably hydrated is challenging enough for all of us. As we get older, this can become increasingly difficult. That is why the Comfort Care At Home team have always placed great importance on ensuring our clients can enjoy nutritious meals and keep hydrated.

Tasty food and drink are one of life’s joys. Our care professionals are creative in the kitchen and can help your loved one enjoy a yummy meal that will help their overall health.

All our care professionals have undertaken training in nutrition and food hygiene and each one is familiar with monitoring our clients’ fluid and food intake. Our approach is designed to help us spot potential issues before they become serious, so they can be tackled early.

We can help your loved one plan their meals, whether they are wanting a familiar favourite that may bring back happy memories or whether they are interested in exploring a new dish.  We can put together a shopping list, we can pop to the shops to get the ingredients, and then prepare and cook their chosen dish, all enjoyed in their own home. And don’t worry if your loved one is more of a ready-meal fan. We are all well-skilled in the art of microwaving!

Naturally, we also cater for all types of dietary requirements. If your loved one has medical needs such as thickened drinks or diabetes-friendly meals or religious needs such as no pork or food allergies that shape their food choices, our care professionals are well-experienced in supporting our clients in any way necessary.

Contact our friendly care team today on 020 8610 9778 or email us on to discover how we can help your loved one eat and drink healthily in their own home.