Hospital to Home Care Services Kingston

Man receiving hospital to home care

Is your loved one coming out of the hospital soon? Are you concerned about how they will cope when they get home?

There is no need to worry. This is a common scenario that we get asked to help with all the time.

Our care professionals are very experienced in supporting clients returning home from the hospital due to an illness or injury.

We are here to help your loved one have a successful recovery.

Typical areas our care professionals can help with include:

• Accompanying your loved one to follow-up medical appointments
• Providing transportation
• Helping them manage their medication
• Supervising exercises that a physiotherapist may have prescribed
• Ensuring the home is adapted with equipment that may be needed
• Cooking meals
• Undertaking light housework
• Supporting your loved one with their personal care and grooming
• Running errands
• Going to the shops

If you have questions about our hospital-to-home service, contact the Comfort Care At Home team for more information.