Looking after a loved one with care needs can sometimes be overwhelming. The process of researching help can be daunting. There are a lot of things to consider. For example, what type of care does your loved one need? Is it support a few times a day, or is it 24-hour a day help? Is your home adapted for a carer to live with you? Does your loved one have mobility equipment that requires two carers for safety?

There are also different care options to consider.

Live-in Care

If your loved one needs full-time professional care but wants to remain at home, live-in care is the ideal solution. Live-in care services provide one-to-one, 24-hour bespoke care for your loved one in the comfort, security, and familiar surroundings of their own home with the support of a carer.

Hourly Care

If your loved one is still safe living alone or with family at home and only needs a companionship visit, or support with bathing, preparing meals or medication, hourly care can be a better option.

So, what questions should you ask when choosing a care provider?

Ask them about their approach to staff recruitment

– What are their standards for hiring carers?

– How many references do they check for each new hire?

Find out what they do about staff training

– What training do staff receive?

– How many days of training?

– Do carers come and meet your loved one before they start the care?

– Are carers trained in caring for clients with dementia?

What are they like as a business?

– What are the company values?

– How are their staff treated?

– Are they paid for training?

– Are they paid for travel time between clients?

– Are they given enough time to travel between two clients?

Ask what happens about carer continuity

– Will you have the same carer every visit or will you have new ones?

– What happens if a carer is away or off sick?

– Are clients and their families involved in decisions about their care?

What type of awards and reviews does the provider have?

– Does the provider have a positive rating from the Care Quality Commission (they are the independent regulator of all health and social care services in England)? You can verify by visiting their website ( and typing in the name of the provider.

– Has the provider won awards?

– Do they have good reviews and testimonials?

– Can you speak with their current clients to get their feedback?

Understand how the fees work

– What fees are involved?

– Is a deposit or advance payment required?

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