Saffron’s care journey

What has inspired you to get involved in the care industry?

I have always known I wanted to be out working within the community, the idea of an office job sitting at a computer all day never inspired me the same way. Sharing experiences and caring for others seemed like the ideal job, so after my degree I decided to start caring in the community and it was more rewarding than I expected.

Why did you choose Comfort Care At Home®?

What appealed to me about this company was their focus on supporting us as carers. I am a strong advocate that we need to care for our own mental wellbeing in order to give the best care you can to others. Comfort Care At Home® has consistently shown this effort to check in with us and form supportive and communicative teams. I always feel like I can come to my manager and team when necessary. They won the Employer of the Year award for South London businesses, which shows how much they care for and invest in their staff.

Any special moments you would like to share?

The ability to form strong bonds with clients over a period of time has been one of the most nourishing experiences of caring. One client in particular has shown a real trust in me with time and gets excited to see me. I think these are the moments that show how important our role as a carer is. We really can play a special part in people’s lives. 

What do you love most about your job and working for Comfort Care At Home®?

I love seeing the effects of your hard work, seeing people happy and well in your care. You never have the same day twice, each client involves something different and it’s so refreshing to have a vast array of unique experiences. Working with the elderly gives you a whole new perspective on life and you can take little pieces of their wisdom along with you on your journey. I also love how local it is, I use my bike to get around so I get my daily exercise in whilst working… bonus!

What advice would you give someone considering care work?

I would say go for it! Care work takes courage, commitment and empathy. It takes a resilient person to do care work and commit to it. If you like a challenge where you can grow as a person through others and see worthwhile rewards from your work, then it would be a great role for you.

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